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Having spent 6 days overhauling your business to experience…

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A step-by-step, actionable plan for you and your team to execute weekly, monthly & quarterly..

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Know that you're doing the right things, in the right way and at the right time.

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To boldly go where you've never been before in your business, income & life.

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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, travel with others." These are your people.

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To your loved ones, clients, and team. Yet, most importantly: to YOU!

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Bring back the excitement for your business that was once in ample supply.

Bookkeeper OS transforms chaos into order through its detailed infrastructure

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Either Aug. 21–26 or Sep. 25–30

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Duluth, GA, Embassy Suites

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Taught 100% by Ben Robinson

How Bookkeeper OS Works

Overview of these 6 learn, adapt, perfect days

Engine 1

Builds EFFICIENT systems, creates order from chaos.

The tested, highly-efficient, step-by-step framework that:

  • Reduces workload
  • Eliminates mistakes
  • Gets work done on time, every time
  • 15 in-depth workflow structures
  • 31 extensive templates, checklists & smart tools
  • All enhanced using:
  • AI
  • RPA, and
  • Simple automation
Proven Workflows logo
Essential Firm Workflows
Prepare Financial Statements
Review Financial Statements
Package Financial Statements
Present Financial Statements
Consult on Financial Statements
Handoff for Income Taxes
Communicate with Clients
Onboard New Clients
Give a Client “The Boot”
Data Security
Prepare 1099s
Prepare Sales & Use Tax Reports
Catchup Financial Statements
Cleanup Financial Statements
Handling Scope Creep
Checklists, Templates & Smart Tools
Prepare Financial Statements import template
Given’ a Client the boot checklist
Prepare Financial Statements checklist
Data Security & Compliance checklist
Review Financial Statements import checklist
Prepare 1099s import template
Review Financial Statements checklist
Prepare 1099s checklist
Package Financial Statements import template
Prepare Sales & Use Tax reports import template
Package Financial Statements checklist
Prepare Sales & Use Tax reports checklist
Present Financial Statements import template
Catchup Financial Statements import template
Present Financial Statements checklist
Catchup Financial Statements checklist
Consult on Financial Statements import template
Cleanup Financial Statements import template
Consult on Financial Statements checklist
Cleanup Financial Statements checklist
Income Tax handoff import template
Scope creep import template
Income Tax handoff checklist
Scope creep checklist
Client Communication checklist
AI tools list
Onboard a new client import template
Automation tools list
Onboard a new client checklist
Recommended tech stack
Given’ a Client the boot import template
Engine 2

Gets quality clients on demand.

The predictable, consistent & profitable client acquisition engine that:

  • Eliminates confusion & mystery surrounding marketing
  • Keeps you organized with a structured plan w/ calendar
  • Prevents expensive mistakes
  • Says goodbye to good leads falling through the cracks
  • Deters “ghosting” from quality prospects
  • All enhanced using:
  • AI
  • RPA, and
  • Simple automation
Client Attraction System logo
What Client Attraction System delivers
Deep understanding of marketing psychology, so that you know what makes clients say “Yes”
How to build your brand
How to establish your position & become an authority
How to create & deliver your offer
How to automate your marketing
How to REPEL deadbeat clients
How to leverage AI, RPA and simple automation in your marketing
How to build a high-converting website
How to do search engine optimization so that people find your website easily
How to do content marketing
How to do social media marketing
How to master email marketing
How to optimize directory listings
How to do advertising
How to do networking
How to tap into LinkedIn® (deep dive)
How to form & develop strategic partnerships
How to do affiliate marketing
How to conduct grassroots marketing
Data-driven marketing w/ recommended tech stack
Sales strategies for bookkeeping pros (read: introverts)
Your 1-year marketing calendar
Checklists, Templates & Smart Tools
Branding Checklist: Steps to create and maintain a compelling brand
SEO Checklist: A comprehensive guide to optimize your website content
Social Media Posting Checklist: Ensure all the right elements are included before you post
Email Marketing Checklist: A list of must- haves for effective email campaigns
Content Creation Checklist: Guidelines to create valuable, engaging content
PPC Advertising Checklist: Key elements to consider if / when you set up ad campaigns
Sales Funnel Checklist: Steps to build and optimize a sales funnel
Referral Program Checklist: Elements to include when you set up a referral program
One year marketing planner and guide
Brand guidelines example
Avatar book example
Marketing automation flowchart
Your irresistible offer creation template
Objections: most common & how to crush them
So many more I got lazy and didn’t want to type them out :)
Engine 3

Builds an EFFECTIVE team.

The comprehensive, step-by-step system that creates an effective team:

  • Hire, indoctrinate and retain TOP talent
  • Confidently delegate tasks and know they’re done right
  • Allows you to focus on big picture stuff
  • Keeps unwelcome surprises at bay
  • 39 must have processes and systems
  • 32 guides, tools and checklists
  • All enhanced using:
  • AI
  • RPA, and
  • Simple automation
Ironclad Talent logo
Here’s what we’ll learn, adapt & perfect together...
What to know and do before you hire
The process to convert from “solopreneur” to a team
Understand what an effective, proficient & loyal team looks like
What syntax do I need to know?
Know when to use an employee vs. independent contractor
Assess current team needs now & in the future
What’s a job scorecard & when is it used?
What’s a job description and when should it be used?
How do I create job descriptions and scorecards?
What is an ideal candidate profile and how do I create one?
What are the best platforms and methods to advertise job openings?
How do I write an incredible job post?
What should I pay team members by job function?
How do I financially incentivize my team?
How can my firm stand out from other employers to get the best talent?
What is the process for conducting interviews?
What is the process for evaluating candidates?
What does a great job offer look like?
What are the recommendations, how-to, etc. of background checks and eligibility?
Ben’s dos and don’ts of team building
How do I onboard new team members?
How do I insert a new team member into my workflows?
How do I plug a new team member into my existing team?
How do I create an employee handbook?
What’s the best way to monitor and evaluate my employee’s performance?
What are my responsibilities with regard to taxes, insurance and related items?
How do I keep team members happy?
How do I handle conflict?
What are the nuances of a remote team?
What is a team retreat and how do I conduct one?
What about performance reviews?
What do I need to know about non-compete and non-solicitation agreements?
What are the signs of a bad apple?
What do I need to do in order to fire a team member?
How do I assess and improve my team?
How do I leverage AI, RPA and automation with regard to my team?
My organization chart
What are my next steps?
What guides, tools and checklists will I need?
Guides, Tools & Checklists Included
Dos & don’ts I’ve learned over 25 years
AI tools list
Automation tools list
Hiring platforms guide & recommendations Ideal candidate profile
Personality assessment tools guide
Salary guide
Job description & scorecard templates
Job post templates
Candidate filtering template
Candidate evaluation form
Offer letter template
Background check guide
Organization chart template
Insurance considerations
Compliance checklists
Onboarding checklists
Employee handbook outline
Performance evaluation guide
Performance evaluation template
Remote team management best practices
Non-compete template
Non-solicitation template
Team retreat guide
Conflict resolution guide
Communication templates Interview guide
Interview checklist Interview questions
Assessment checklists
Termination checklist
Team assessment tool
Employee training and development guide
Job offer templates
Recommended tech stack
Employee satisfaction survey template
NPS employee template

Fly in the ointment:
“One Trick Pony” thinking

Alright, let's get real. I chat with bookkeeping business owners all the time, right? And they're all like, "Ben, if only I could nail my marketing..."
Or they  say, "Hey, my processes need revamping..." or, "Man, if only I had a better team...".
They think they'll hit the jackpot if they can just sort out that one thing.
Sorry, that’s hogwash. The technical term for this flawed thinking is “single solution fallacy’. And, it’s crushing to the business owner who buys into it.
You see: It's not one thing, it's everything working together.
Mastering the business of bookkeeping is like operating a franchise; you need all of your "big 3" engines to work in unison.
Listen, you can have the best marketing strategy in the world, but if your team's not on board or your processes are out of whack, you're not going anywhere.
You've got to look at the big picture. You can't just focus on one move and expect to win the fight. It's a dance; a combination of steps.
Your marketing, your team, your workflows—they’ve all got to move together.
That's how you deliver the knockout punch. That's how you'll make your business rock!
So, don't get stuck on that one-note symphony. Make the whole orchestra play! Only then will you be able to groove to the tune of success.
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